Cosmic Stage Groups

Group Descriptions 

Enlightened Activism

This group is designed for those who are passionate about current social justice issues. Rather than adding your voice to the growing, undifferentiated legion of resistance or succumbing to complacency, come be inspired and encouraged toward meaningful action that makes a discernible and positive impact.

Legends and Legacies

As we mature, we begin to discern the patterns in our life experiences as a tapestry of our own unfolding. We invite you to explore the design of our inner woven paths through the sharing of personal stories and recollections. [Fire-walker: one who has survived life-altering or life-threatening events and lived to tell about it.] 

Cosmic Creatives

Here is where we "artistic types" can come together to dabble, create, play, and explore our Inner Artist. All expressive artists, shadow artists or emerging artists are welcome. This includes musicians, writers, painters, poets, chefs, and other uniquely or intuitively creative individuals. Resources include Julia Cameron, The Artist's Way.

Integrated Insight

Increasing insight into our uniqueness brings about greater recognition of how we essentially contribute to the collective or cosmic reality.  Join us in creating conscious connections as we explore mystical  matters through an eclectic approach.   Resources include: a variety of ancient and New Age oracles and practices.

Spirit Moves

Let's stretch our awareness and our bodies through free, guided, rhythmic, creative and authentic movement. Our physical actions reverberate with emotion and meaning. Come join us for some non-strenuous physical activity with an evolutionary intent.  

 Kindness Matters

Random Acts of Kindness and Senseless Acts of Beauty are both commodities we experience and render too infrequently in our everyday lives. So let's change that! The paybacks are enormously gratifying. Allow yourself to be uplifted. Come share in the collective experiences of kindness and beauty.

Transforming Relationships

Transforming the relationships in our lives calls for radical self knowing. The more we learn to accept and appreciate ourselves,, the more fulfilling our relationships become. Stop finding fault and start finding perfection and understanding, through guided sociometric encounters.

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